The Free Jewelry Project in Douglas, Arizona

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The Emergency Stop in Douglas, Arizona Step and Giovanni sing Zombie, a cover by the Cranberries So due to a series of "Unfortunate Events" we had to stop by Douglas, Arizona again on our way to Elfrida, Arizona. We had $0 and very little Diesel Fuel and a commitment to go to Elfrida. Sean watching the impromptu concert from inside "Free Jewel" our tour bus. We had … [Read More...]

Douglas, Arizona – Day 6 – Last day

We want to thank all of the people who have been kind to us over the last 6 days, we don't know your names but we know your actions, you have sacrificed to help us without us asking and we thank you for it. We also want to thank everyone for stopping! Our last day giving away free Jewelry in Douglas, Arizona was slow as far as people showing up for free Jewelry, … [Read More...]

Douglas, Arizona – Day 5

Today was another slow day, I did find out thanks to some people that stopped by trying to read the chalkboard sign on the side of the RV that the 1/2 hour of hard rain we had yesterday or the day before had totally washed off the ""FREE JEWELRY" part of the sign but by then it was almost dark. I think that and not having the sign out along the side of the road is why … [Read More...]

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Making Money for the Free Jewelry Project

Using Internet Marketing to support “The Free Jewelry Project”

Some people think asking for help is bad… I see it as being willing to do what must be done to move ahead with your goal. We are taught that if we need (or even want) something, we should ask God. But the thing is that in all but a handful of cases, God works […]

What’s Happening in Free Jewelry

A funny thing happened on the way to Elfrida, Arizona

Our latest original plan (after postponing it for 2 week already to make more jewelry) was to head to Elfrida, Arizona on Wednesday, July 31st to get set up to give away free jewelry the next morning. Since it is Monsoon Season we have been watching the weather, we saw the flash flood warning for Elfrida so we were going to be there on Thursday, July 1st. Parked on our Northwestern Drive Property on July 30th, 2019 We left our Northwestern Drive property in Douglas, Arizona and we only … [Read More...]

Saving the rain 12 hours after the rain

I just wanted to share these pictures of our Northwestern Drive property in Cochise College Estates in Douglas, Arizona. I also wanted to document how the sheet flow worked and didn't work on this 1/5th acre lot. we got between 1-2 inches of rain but because we were able to capture it in our ditches we were able to put the equivalent of about 14 inches of rainfall back into the ground on our property. If this doesn't excite you then you haven't lived without a water source in the desert … [Read More...]

Making even more Free Jewelry for Elfida, Arizona

36 newly handmade pairs of earrings on a earring display rack Just wanted to give the 2 people from Elfrida who visit our website an update. We are on schedule to have enough jewelry to give away in Elfrida. Unless the dirt roads out of our property are too soft from the rains and we can't get out we will be open for business on August 1st, 2019. This is a different 36 pairs of handmade earrings on the same earring display rack. We at The Free Jewelry … [Read More...]

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